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  1. Thanks for your perfect tuto, very useful for me. May be a suggestion : it would be nice to have the possibility to  download your files (psd, html,  css ) in order to repeat the exercise at home.

  2. AMAZING video! I think you should do what you suggested and break the video up into different parts. This is an incredible tutorial, but unfortunately people would see the 2 hour run time and not bother watching it. In seperate parts you’d get more views and more recognition for your work.

    Anyway amazing stuff! Thanks a lot for doing this!

  3. Some of the techniques you are using are pretty old. You can save a lot of time with Photoshop CC, HTML5 & CSS3

  4. Great tutorial. One question. Why are you using background images on the app buttons and nav buttons instead of an inset box shadow? It seems to me that box shadow gives a much better looking result (ie, it curves at the rounded edges instead of simply continuing in a straight line until the edge.) Other than that, loved the tutorial. Had never sliced before. This made it seem relatively easy for a beginner. Thank you.

  5. I am always happy to learn something new from Jeffrey! thank you for this video, it was great! 🙂

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