PHP Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course | OVER 7 HOURS!

Learn the basics of PHP and object-oriented shows in this complimentary 7-hour PHP tutorial. Jeremy McPeak will help you learn PHP and use it to compose web apps. ► Download premium PHP scripts from CodeCanyon:

PHP is one of the most used languages on the web. The huge bulk of websites you check out are developed with PHP on the back-end, and discovering PHP is a requirement for writing plugins or styles for a CMS like WordPress. PHP is fast, but even much better, it's simple to discover and easy to utilize for writing web applications.

In this comprehensive PHP tutorial, instructor Jeremy McPeak will teach you the basics of PHP shows. You'll start with the essentials, learning how PHP works and composing simple PHP loops and functions. Then you'll build up to coding classes for simple object-oriented shows (OOP). Along the method, you'll discover all the most crucial abilities for composing apps for the web: you'll get a possibility to practice responding to GET and POST requests, parsing JSON, confirming users, and using a MySQL database.

Important Links:
► Source files on GitHub
► Go over in the forum

Here's a complete rundown of this course:

Intro 00:00:00
1.1 What You Required 00:02:05
2.1 Syntax and Variables 00:17:57
2.2 Mistake Reporting 00:34:13
2.3 PHP Conditions and Choices 00:43:17
2.4 PHP Arrays 01:00:20
2.5 PHP Loops 01:14:34
2.6 PHP Functions 01:32:09
2.7 Local and Global PHP Variables 01:41:24
2.8 PHP Include and PHP Need 01:57:07
3.1 PHP Get Requests 02:09:00
3.2 PHP Post Requests 02:25:07
3.3 PHP Sessions 02:38:10
4.1 Separating PHP Reasoning From Discussion 02:55:44
4.2 Dealing with Files 03:09:12
4.3 Parse JSON and Output Data 03:23:29
4.4 Adding a Detail Page 03:38:26
4.5 Truthiness and Adding a PHP Browse 03:50:38
4.6 Handling PHP Paths 04:07:53
4.7 Creating PHP Terms 04:18:20
4.8 Editing PHP Terms 04:32:45
4.8 Editing PHP Terms 04:45:03
5.1 Intro to PHP Classes 05:09:13
5.2 Creating a Data Provider Class 05:17:33
5.3 Composing a Data Abstraction Layer 05:27:22
5.4 Inheritance 05:38:49
6.1 Introduction to MySQL 05:50:54
6.2 Connecting to the Database 06:00:30
6.3 Inserting Data 06:07:00
6.4 Reading Data With "Select" 06:16:18
6.5 Using Ready Statements 06:24:04
6.6 Searching Information 06:30:56
6.7 Modifying and Deliting Data 06:36:09
6.8 Refactoring the Code 06:41:32
7.1 Using Names Arguments 06:51:27
7.2 Promoting Class Characteristic 06:58:23
7.3 Simplifyng String Functions 07:02:50
8 Conclusion 07:06:07

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Properties Used in This Video:
– MAMP Download:
– Apache Friends XAMPP:

You can likewise enjoy the PHP Fundamentals course on :.

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– Full Course | OVER 7 HOURS!

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    1. people make money off youtube views. this is a training company, this is a great video, they’re not just giving this out for free

    2. @Fiji man i feel kinda guilty now watching this video with adblocker. i still skip most of the video, but glad the complete beginners like this video

  1. Thank you very much, I am stuck in a onsite support role in which the only escape is to change my career path. I want to go into software development, but I am 37 and feel that I might be too old already.

    1. No dear.. u can opt this carrier. Age is never a problem if we have power to work and learn. Wishing you health and good future.

  2. I guess, as long as it’s “at least php 7” it doesnt really matter or hurt, that this course seems to be from 2017 to still be up-to-date and relevant(still working I mean) today in 2022 with php 8 (and changes here and there) out, right?

    1. I don’t think this course would use anything that would change in PHP 8. But, currently the MAMP program used in the course defaults to PHP 7.4 still.

  3. Very nice and well explained course, THANK you!
    One question I have: Should I use CamelCase or underscore_case for defining variables and functions?

    1. The type of casing you use depends on your project and the people you will be working with. PHP doesn’t dictate which is used.

    2. @Envato Tuts+ I THANK YOU for your answer and your time, you spend me by writing this comment.
      You are right, that it depends my the social enviroment and this I will remember.
      THANK YOU!

    3. @Ralph Schumacher The convention you use usually doesn’t matter as long as you are consistent with it. I personally use camel case because I like the way it looks, but if you prefer snake case (underscores) then go for it.

  4. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL. The word “fork” means a software that works like another software, looks like the other software, and frequently contains much of the code base of the original software. It was created by the people that originally created MySQL. It is a drop in replacement for MySQL, and works almost identically to MySQL. XAMPP originally had MySQL. When Oracle took over MySQL, some people felt that they (Oracle) would stop making the open-source version of MySQL available. Thus the creation of MariaDB by many of the same people that created MySQL. You should try out XAMPP and see if you like it. I think you will prefer it, since it works on Linux, MAC, and Windows.

  5. Hi, this video is fantastic, very good for beginners, thanks!

    When I executed the code in section 4.4, I got a notice: ‘Trying to access array offset on value of type null in xxxviewslayout.view.php on line 16’.

    It doesn’t work if the ‘term’ can not be found, which means the ‘not_found.view.php’ can not be displayed.

    I tried to solve it, but I was failed. So, I got the source code from author’s github and tried to run it as well, but the issue is still there on my local mechine. It makes me sad.

    A solution for me is to remove the code ‘‘ in ‘layout.view.php’, but it’s not the best solution. Because the ‘title’ is lost.

    Could anyone give me some tips for solving it? Thanks.

    1. Has anyone solved this problem, I have the same and I can not solve it. And the worst part is that I can not follow and finish the course. Has anyone else had this problem and solved if they can tell us how. Thank you very much.

    2. I know that it’s a little too late to comment on this, but just posting this in case someone else have the same problem. I got the same problem too, and tackled it by assigning a name for the “not_found” page.

      In the file “detail.php”, the original code lines are:
      if ($data == false) {

      Change it to:
      if ($data == false) {
      $view_bag = [
      ‘title’ => ‘Page Not Found’


      and you should be fine. Hope this helps!

  6. I have watched this over and over, moved from zero to hero. This is the best PHP tutorial ever. Your explanation is great. Thanks so much Jeremy. I would also love you to do same with JavaScript.

  7. Great tutorial, thanks a lot! From 5.1 you use syntax coloring (maybe theme) for your php code similar to js code. May ask how you get that? My OCD is killing me, need it bad 🙂

  8. I LOVE this tutorial/course. However, I have run into a problem that I can’t seem to fix. I am on lesson 4.6 and I keep getting these two errors. I have followed your examples exactly (I even copied and pasted your files from GitHub into my MAMP files but I still get the errors. Is there a way to fix this? This error message is in the body just above the content: “Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/4.6/views/admin/index.view.php on line 4” Line 4 is this:

    The second error is in the header section: “PHP Fundamentals:
    Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/4.6/views/layout.view.php on line 16”. Line 16 is this: PHP Fundamentals:
    I would appreciate any help you might be able to provide since going on with this course is going to be extremely challenging with these two errors.
    Apparently this is the same error that Yi Jia in the comments below is getting.

    1. Has anyone solved this problem, I have the same and I can not solve it. And the worst part is that I can not follow and finish the course. Has anyone else had this problem and solved if they can tell us how. Thank you very much.

  9. source = homepage
    query (q) = php
    original query (oq) = php (in case you submit a follow up search, allowing google to build relationships between search terms)

  10. Amazing job Jeremy! Very clear explanations with great examples! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    1. @Envato Tuts+ hi, at 3:30:00 I keep getting this error: Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), can you please help

  11. Easily one of the best php courses on the internet! Packed with so much information and so well explained. Includes a unique project to really hammer in the new knowledge. I wish it touched on Traits a bit but outside of that, this course is perfect.

  12. Incredible explanation thank you so much sir, I think it is the best channel for learners who want to learn programming languages

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