Learn CSS Typography

If you're a budding web designer and you're ready to , then begin here! If there's one type of styling which is perhaps more important than any other in , it's typography. Preferably, your websites should begin with solid typography, and the rest of the design must be constructed around that. For this reason, it is very important to comprehend the typographic part of the style process initially.

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– Find Out HTML Essentials: Offered now
– Learn CSS Typography
– Discover CSS Layout:
– Discover CSS Colors and Backgrounds:

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1. Intro
0:00 1.1 Welcome

2. Learn CSS Typography
0:54 2.1 Introduction to CSS
10:15 2.2 CSS Font Properties
18:49 2.3 Web Safe Fonts, Custom-made Fonts, and Typeface Stacks
28:04 2.4 CSS Line Height and Vertical Margins
33:45 2.5 Units to Use in Typography
45:11 2.6 Style Your Page's Typography

3. Conclusion
59:59 3.1 Wrapping Up

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Learn CSS Typography

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  1. Had an issue with my stylesheet not overriding the parent themes css only on mobile devices, your advice regarding the div class gave me a lightbulb moment and I fixed everything. Thank you!

  2. In the last lesson how do you get all the numbers for line-height, margins and font size? I think it makes no sense to write all this numbers without any explanation. Why didn’t you download the font weight of 800 but use it for the h2-headline.

  3. I really appreciate your quick and comprehensive explanation. I found it very useful helpful for learning CSS . Thank you very much.

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