JavaScript for Web Designers

In this , you're going to discover the basics of JavaScript from a web 's perspective. We'll start by going over the fundamentals, such as JavaScript variables, data types, and loops, prior to pursuing more complex notions such as functions, selectors, and occasions. Along the way, we'll build some examples that are tailored towards what you as a web may face every day.

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0:00 Introduction: JavaScript for Web Designers

0:27 1. Working With JavaScript
If you're not yet acquainted with JavaScript, let's gone through a quick introduction.

4:54 2. Variables
If you've ever used a CSS preprocessor like LESS or then you're currently acquainted with the concept of "variables". Variables are used to save data in a particular format. They can include numbers, strings of characters, and so on.

9:07 3. Information Types
In this lesson, you'll find out about the readily available "information types" in JavaScript.

13:17 4. Ranges
Let's discover the very first "composite" data enter JavaScript: arrays.

20:04 5. Things
Understanding "things" in JavaScript starts with an understanding of "residential or commercial properties". Here you'll discover both of these ideas.

25:25 6. Operators
Let's learn about operators and the different types thereof. We'll begin with "math" operators.

34:07 7. If Else Declarations
Let's now take a look at the if/else statement. If you understand any other shows language then you'll currently be familiar with the principle of conditional statements. If not, do not worry– we'll cover all of that.

38:50 8. Loops
A loop is a piece of code that performs consistently, either a set number of times or till a particular condition is fulfilled. Let's see how we can loop in JavaScript.

45:01 9. Functions
You can think about functions as being "subprograms" which can have their own name, can be called anytime, can receive criteria, and can return a worth.

51:17 10. Selectors
Selectors are excellent if you wish to control the DOM and get to all its components. To understand selectors, first let's take a look at the window and document things.

59:17 11. Events
The term "JavaScript occasions" is perhaps a bit incorrect due to the fact that the events are really occurring on the HTML side. All you can do in JS is listen to these occasions and react accordingly.

1:06:15 12. Back to Top Button
Having actually covered a great deal of theory, let's now practice what we've discovered with some exercises. To start with, let's see how we can develop a "back to top" button.

1:17:11 13. Textbox Auto Conclusion
You'll learn how to produce a textbox that supports auto-completion.

1:31:42 14. Simple Content Slider
In this practical workout, let's develop an easy material slider. We're not going to limit ourselves to images either; we'll create a slider that can display any kind of material.

1:39:50 15. Image Lightbox
In this workout we'll create a very easy image lightbox. A lightbox is generally an overlay that reveals a much larger version of a thumbnail.

1:44:02 16. Tab Control
The "tab control" is a really common pattern, so let's see how it's carried out in this last workout lesson.

1:46:43 17. Last Words
Hopefully by now you'll have a better understanding of what you can do with JavaScript from a website point of view.

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JavaScript for Web Designers

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