How to Make an InDesign Book Layout Template

Want to make your own template? In this video, we'll have a look at developing your own book design templates. ► Or download these ready-made book templates:

In this video, Daisy Ein will take you through the entire procedure of developing a book design template, from developing and applying Master Pages to conserving your work as an . You'll start with a fundamental example and then apply these essentials to a more fascinating composition.

Files featured/used:

1. The Dessert Book InDesign Design Template:
2. Photobook:
3. Lima Dish Book Template:
4. Multipurpose Photobook:
5. Portfolio Picture Book:
6. Square Portfolio Book:
7. Square Photobook Magazine
8. Reserve Photo:
9. Watercolor Hearts:
10. Music:
11. Background:

Here's what you'll discover:

0:00 – Introduction
0:25 – Schedule Style Basics You Ought To Know
2:15 – Developing an InDesign File
3:30 – InDesign Master Pages for Book Design
4:14 – InDesign Page Numbers
5:23 – Replicating and Editing Master Pages
6:20 – Using Master Pages and Main Text Frames
7:00 – Producing a Creative Book Style Design
7:56 – Adding Images
8:30 – Checking Out Your Design
8:45 – InDesign Design Template Files
9:20 – InDesign Books

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How to Make an Layout Template

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  1. I followed the tutorial to combine the multiple chapters in one file, but my chapters are spread pages, and when I create the .pdf for printing the file don’t make the last single page of one chapter to be beside the first single page of the next chapter. Can you please tell me how to do it?

  2. I’ve been working on my first graphic novel for some time now, and I knew that beyond illustrating my images, the design of the book (more specifically, learning InDesign) would be one of my biggest hurdles to overcome. Nope. Pretty sure you just answered all my questions in ten minutes. Thank you. Bravo!

  3. The video tutorial is great! But I must be doing something wrong… once I create my parent pages and apply they don’t actually work 🙁 the text box is correctly formatted but then I can’t use it?! I don’t won’t to format the fonts in each and every page, can someone help please?

  4. can you tell how to make the side section of book on which page number table of content are mention the structure of book in side how to make it i design book from your tutorial but i dont know how to make that

  5. I use Indesign 2020 because it says that it provides Myanmar Unicode System.
    The Myanmar font displayed right in sentences where Myanmar words are mixed with Korean and Chinese languages.
    But when the sentence contained Arabic (the MiddleEast Language), the Myanmar font was messed up and didn’t display in the correct order.
    I would like to know why it keeps happening, what the error is and what I can do to make it right again? Thank you.

    1. The problem is that Arabic is right to left while Myanmar is left to right reading. You can mix them in the same text box.

  6. Thanks for this short but very helpful tutorial! It’s the best I’ve found on the Internet for learning the basics of creating a book!

  7. Very helpful for a beginner like me. But I can’t seem to edit the Chapter text. Your tutorial stops short of that so maybe you have a suggestion…..

  8. Thank you so much, this was so enriching an experience.
    I will really like to watch all your videos on InDesign

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