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  1. I like this video! When I like a video, I click some of the adds after I click the thumbs up. This worked, but not the way I expected. This is my config code:
    $path_to_image_directory = ‘images/fullsize’;
    $path_to_thumbs_directory = ‘images/thumbs’;
    I expected the images to go into subfolders (fullsize, and thumbs) within the images folder. Instead, the images went into the image folder with a prefix (fullsize, and thumbs) attached to the filename. I guess I need to play around with it to get my desired result. WHat I really want is to upload the images to my remote server outside of the public_html. Anyway thanks for the very informative video!

  2. can you make video for ” how to make upload video file with thumbnail images in php ” like youtube videos and all website also has..
    please sir

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