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  1. Thank you very much as well. Wow, amazingly explained and the effect looks very beautiful. It was on my mind for a long time.But due to lack of time couldn’t find the solution. But today after watching your video i am interested in designing again with CSS.

  2. I see a lot of examples that use “body” with an image, but haven’t seen any yet that work two divs one inside the other. Is this possible using your example?

  3. Dizer “obrigado” é pouco para expressar minha gratidão. Há muito tempo eu procurava um tutorial sobre isso, me ajudou demais!

  4. Backdrop-filter does run on chrome
    And i think you can also remove the box-shadow and still looking pretty nice thought

  5. Dude ty. This was bugging me, since backdrop-filter was revealing the edges and all that. Long story lol..

    anyway ty for the tips! much appreciated man. You saved me a headache lol

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