How to Change the Font in WordPress

In this video , 's shows you how to alter the font style in WordPress. ► Check Out Thousands of WordPress Themes and Plugins with Components. With one subscription you can attempt them all.

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  1. I love this channel! I was expecting just promos for your products but all your tutorials are awesome!

  2. I don’t have the option to select “theme editor”… when I select customize theme it takes me outside of the wp admin page.

  3. This is enragingly frustrating. 

    At 2:04, you’re in WordPress and it looks like you’re under the APPEARANCE menu, but you say, “Go to your WordPress Installation”—and suddenly you have a window that looks like WINDOWS EXPLORER! HOW did you pull up that window? If I click the APPEARANCE window, NOTHING LIKE THAT pops up .

    Instead a submenu with 8 choices pop up ( themes; customize; widgets; menu’s; header; background; premium themes; and theme editor). I don’t see the word “INSTALLATION” ANYWHERE.

    NOT ONE of these produces that “WINDOWS EXPLORER”-looking window that you’re clicking in.

    HOW do I pull THAT window up?

    I just want to change my font/type face GLOBALLY to a san serif like ARIAL. I hate Times New Roman—reminds me of all the boring documents in academia. ARIAL seems “eye-friendly” and easier to read.

    Sorry if I sound like I’m on the edge of a meltdown, but EVERY…SINGLE…LINK…I go to. (text or video), seems like the author’s “assume” that the reader/viewer knows all these details. If they did, they wouldn’t be looking for assistance in the first place.

    Wow! How do I find “INSTALLATION”? How do I pull up THAT “Windows Explorer”-looking WINDOW? Clicking on the “Appearance ” menu does not pull up that window.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  4. YESSSS! You have save my LIFE!!!! I have been searching the last 2 hours desperate for this, because my theme made it impossible to change it, and i wasn’t able to do it with coding, besides the size, and only in elementor! THANK YOU 🙂 Just subscribed! 🙂

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