How to Become a Web Developer

can be a complicated subject to begin. Not just do you need to be knowledgeable about how the web works, but you also need to comprehend a range of technologies and languages. ► Download unrestricted imaginative properties with Envato Elements:

If you want to become a web designer this is the course for you. In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Jeremy McPeak will teach you everything you require to know to start with web advancement.

You'll start by learning how to produce web pages utilizing HTML, , and . Not only that, but you'll find out about a few of the principles of the internet: URLs, DNS, HTTPS, and more!

Then you'll go on to a primer on , discover how to utilize bundle management tools such as NPM and Bower, and then practice utilizing the extremely powerful and popular jQuery framework for effective adjustment of HTML. You'll discover how to utilize the Bootstrap structure to jump-start your interface and build responsive apps. Lastly, you'll discover how to do DOM control with vanilla JavaScript, how to fetch JSON data, and how to utilize transitions.

Lastly, you'll learn among the essential languages for back-end : PHP. You'll find out how to set up a server by yourself computer system for development, and how to produce a simple PHP application to render a websites. By the end, your app will have the ability to get information from the user and respond to it.

To cover things up, we'll produce a functional blog app in PHP, with users and posts saved in a database. It's easier than you think!

Download Source Files Here:

# 1 Introduction
00:00:00 1.1 Intro
00:01:25 1.2 What You Required

# 2 How the Web Functions
00:05:59 2.1 Networks and DNS
00:15:20 2.2 HTTP and the Web Server

# 3 Creating Files
00:22:04 3.1 Increasing a Document (little problem here – skip to next lesson!).
00:31:42 3.2 Making Our Document Valid.
00:38:05 3.3 Semantic and Generic Components.

# 4 Styling Documents.
00:49:18 4.1 Adding Style.
00:57:36 4.2 CSS Selectors.
01:13:51 4.3 Modifying Design.

# 5 JavaScript Fundamentals.
01:23:26 5.1 Variables and Functions.
01:32:32 5.2 Composing Your Own Functions.
01:38:07 5.3 Objects.

# 6 The File Item Model.
01:46:03 6.1 DOM Basics.
01:55:01 6.2 Finding Aspects.
02:02:41 6.3 Working With 'NodeLists'.
02:07:12 6.4 Manipulating an Element's CSS Classes.
02:11:42 6.5 Listening for Occasions.
02:20:24 6.6 Practicing the Principles.

# 7 HTTP Requests With JavaScript.
02:28:51 7.1 The 'bring() 'API.

# 8 Intro to Server-Side Advancement.
02:38:07 8.1 Intro to Server-Side Advancement.
02:48:39 8.2 Your First Line of PHP Code.
02:55:36 8.3 Functions and Variables.
03:03:36 8.4 Criteria and Decisions.
03:11:50 8.5 Getting Data From the User.

# 9 Beginning With Databases.
03:21:33 9.1 Create a Users Table.
03:33:34 9.2 Create a Posts Table.
03:43:54 9.3 Inserting Data.

# 10 Using PHP to Communicate With MySQL.
03:52:36 10.1 Reading and Displaying Data.
04:05:10 10.2 Passing and Validating Data.
04:17:09 10.3 Upgrading Data.
04:32:02 10.4 Joining Information (And Deleting Posts).

# 11 Conclusion.
04:44:37 11.1 Conclusion.

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How to Become a Web Developer

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  1. I can’t wait, I’m eager to learn… I scheduled myself. Thanks an advance for making it available to us.

  2. Wonderful and helpful video. I am starting javascript, but i need to know html and css. Your vid is very very helpful, your JS part of the video had tricks/shortcuts etc that i havent seen before in other vids. Thank you so much Sir.

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