How to Become a Web Developer

advancement can be a daunting topic to get going with. Unlike with standard applications, not just do you require to be familiar with how the works, however you likewise need to comprehend a variety of technologies and languages. In this course, Envato Tuts+ trainer Jeremy McPeak will teach you whatever you require to understand to get started with web advancement. You'll find out how to create web pages utilizing HTML, and JavaScript. Not only that, however you'll learn about a few of the principles of the web: URLs, DNS, HTTPS and more!

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1. Intro
00:00 1.1 Intro
01:58 1.2 What You Need

2. How the Web Functions
09:36 2.1 Networks and DNS
18:57 2.2 HTTP and the Web Server

3. Producing Documents
25:40 3.1 Increasing a File
35:19 3.2 Making Our File Valid
41:42 3.3 Semantic and Generic Components

4. Styling Files
52:55 4.1 Adding Style
1:01:13 4.2 Selectors
1:17:28 4.3 Modifying Layout

5. Scripting Files
1:27:05 5.1 Controling the Page with JavaScript

6. Conclusion.
1:44:51 6.1 Conclusion.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.
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How to Become a Web Developer

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  1. I’m 16 and want to become a web developer. I have mastered CSS/ HTML and learned most of Javascript. How long do you think it would take for me to actually get money as a web developer? Also is web development going to be a job that will last a long time in the future? Or will it be comepletely replaced by websites likes Wix?

    1. Not withstanding the fact that there are modern softwares to creat stuning webpages yet it will never replace a hand written code

    2. if you are a master by now, you should already know Wix is not a replacement for any real web developer skills… you probably can start building your reputation on online websites by doing freelancing, or start creating your own website with a portfolio and use social media to reach your customers. Web development is pretty much consider one of the skills of the future, html and css are the basics, now you have to consider what kind of developer you are want to become. Frontend, backend, fullstack, mobile? So many options is overwhelming.

    3. the software can create the website for you, but your skills will be the way to modify it as you wish, or your clients.

    4. Try freelancer or fiverr. To withdraw money use your dad’s or brother’s or anyone’s credit card you trust.

  2. Amazing content. Happy i found you. Keep going friend. Many like me need your knowlege.
    I am a computer degree holder of 80s . But I am out of the industry due to fly commitment. After learning web design with you how can I jumb back to the computer world? How can I earn an income?

  3. Holy sh*t. After SO SO SO long and many other explanations, I finally understand what a DNS is. Great explanation

  4. Can you please give me some suggestions…. About digital marketing….. I am new… And want to do digital marketing…….

  5. Please so some video about codecanyon.
    How to make product of codecanyon like with the code html css js…. and the documentation file and upload process.

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