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is an easy-to-learn structure for developing web applications. It has actually ended up being hands-down the most popular framework for composing apps with . Now that Laravel is at version 8, it's a perfect time to learn it!

Join Jeremy McPeak as he teaches you everything you need to get started with . You'll start with the essentials: setting up Laravel and creating your first app with paths and view design templates. You'll build from there, practicing skills like arranging your app code with controllers, saving data to a relational database, and verifying user input.

Here's a rundown of what you'll discover in this course:

Introduction 00:00
Set Up Your Environment 01:53
Routing Demands 07:31
Dealing With Inquiry Data 14:38
Path URL Parameters 24:16
Routing to Controllers 31:40
Developing a View 40:02
Introducing Layouts 48:12
Dealing With Static Resources 56:28
Generating URLs for Paths 1:01:32
Organizing Views 1:04:59
Using Blade Instructions 1:14:41
Showing and Linking Data 1:22:18
Establishing the Database 1:29:49
Producing Migrations and Models 1:33:47
Conserving Database Records 1:43:55
Confirming User Input 1:52:53
Updating Data 2:00:31
Utilizing Type Hints and Demands Classes 2:07:36
Using Mass Project 2:16:27
Conclusion 2:22:35

Here are links to the resources pointed out in the video:

– Homebrew:
– Author:
– Laravel Schema Home Builder:
– Built-in Recognition Rules:
– Laravel 8 Documents:
– Laravel Neighborhood Portal:

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Get Started With Laravel | FREE COURSE

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  1. Thank you for listening to me for my creativity! Wow! This is fantastic! I can finally express myself and feel good about me…me,me,me oh. This is my song! I created it according to the piano note scale. Yes I be bern asked to write music and,besides playing it on my nee Yamaha PIANO! You ll see me playing it amd teaching beginners the eight cords then sing the notes together. I m planning on teaching my grandchildren in my home.I m geared for this nrw idea in programming. Are you ready for me?

  2. This is definitely the best Laravel crash course here on Youtube! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! ???

  3. Thank you so much, I’ve tried Laravel when the 8th version was just released and there were no tutorials on that version, just previous tutorials and some videos saying: new features of laravel 8, now don’t do it, do sth else instead, and it was hard to grasp the conventions and how I should properly write and structure my code. Thanks to your tutorial I’ll be coming back to Laravel and I’ll be waiting for more tutorials from you about Unit and Feature Testing

  4. This is a very excellent tutorial on Lravel 8, thank you so much Jeremy McPeak for offering this course free. I hope there is one more advanced course on Laravel 8. Does it exist?

  5. for 1:27, in order to retrieve the id , why not just user $guitar[‘id’], instead have to changed the parameter in the action ?

  6. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial so much appreciated. do you have a tutorial on how to deploy a laravel app?

  7. Go developer here, just want to see what did I missed since the last time I’ve learn PHP. Thank you for making recap!

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