Day 9: Clean Project Structures (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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It's considered a finest practice to constantly divide your images, files and submits into their own folders. In this lesson you'll learn about making certain all of your & tasks are well arranged and tidy.

This becomes part of the Envato Tuts+ course 1 month to Discover & CSS:

Keep in mind: this course was released in 2012. Much of the tools and practices have actually changed and improved considering that recording, however the core principles are still appropriate.

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Day 9: Clean Project Structures (30 Days to & CSS)

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  1. thats great ….. thank you very much
    I have problme….. when I put it in seborated files the links don’t work
    can you help me with that?
    i have changed the name of href but still never work
    thank you in advance

  2. I had the same problem until I specified the FULL file path to my style sheet in href. ie: “C:/owner/my documents/project/style/style.css” or wherever.

  3. here i cant assign small address for link
    i need to give full address of a file to link
    like from C:……. alll can ny 1 help out what to do.

  4. I am having a problem with moving script/css to files nd linking them in the anchor code.

    I have created the files and moved the code to the relevant destinations as suggested in the video but it doesn’t work. This is the code I has typed linking to a CSS folder located on my desktop:

    Can anyone suggest why the style isnt working?

  5. I do this same my folder name is learning my folder name is css and only in the style.css I have html folder in the learning index.html and about.html in there but it’s not working please help me bro.

  6. Bro. I don’t have any idea of javascript. Iam tensed .?…help me give any suggestion

  7. if i have two links then how will i change the color of second link in css file ?
    can you help me ?

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