Day 7: Anchors (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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Today we're going to learn more about anchor tags. They allow us to connect one page to another.

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Keep in mind: this was released in 2012. Many of the tools and practices have changed and improved considering that recording, however the core principles are still appropriate.

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Day 7: (30 Days to Learn HTML & )

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  1. hi. thanks for the tutorials. but i have one question if you can can help me. how come you have to files of index.html (your renamed them) 8;50 thanks. 

  2. Hmmm, any reason why my links don’t turn “purple” when I click on the link and go click again. I have my history not being recorded and set to “private”. That has to be the reason right?

    Thanks ya’ll

  3. HELP : I’m not being able to create another file. And FYI I’m doing these in notepad as I’m not being able to use sublime.
    (I’m on windows 8)

  4. I don’t understand why the link does not work. I have a folder on my desktop and I typed in and did exactly the same thing as him. When I did, sure, the page came up with a link with the name of the document, but when I click on it it says that the file cannot be found and comes up with a blank page.
    I have tried re-writing the link in many different ways which should recognize the file but nothing works.
    What am I doing wrong??

  5. ty SO much for showing how to open a new tab for the link clicked! It is, in fact, exactly what I needed!

  6. What software or it may be the browser extension do you use to catch the user attention in your video at 1:33….

  7. My WordPress blog link is not opening when I click on the underlined blue text.I entered the link same as u did. It is showing your file was not found.Can you please tell me the reason behind this?

  8. any idea why my about page isn’t copying over correctly? it’s just plain white, no highlighted code like the 1st page

  9. Hello,in this sector that I have move the folder. but however I don’t need to overpriced ” about/about.html ” . The browser will still go there.

  10. I can do this kinda but it could get confusing with linking back to certain folders. I’ll probably rewatch this later, or play around with it lol this is the trickiest one so far. All the rest were cake.

  11. Amazing thanks sir for this
    Love from India ❤️❣️

    Very helpful course ?
    BTW m using notepad++ instead of sublime text 2 I know today’s smart child prefer sublime. I will practice Sublime then.

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