Day 4: Parent-Child Relationships (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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While we touched on parent-child relationships in the previous episode, we require to concentrate on it a bit more particularly today.

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Keep in mind: this was published in 2012. A number of the tools and practices have changed and enhanced because recording, but the core concepts are still appropriate.

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Day 4: Parent-Child Relationships (30 Days to & )

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  1. Your time is not wasted. I started watching these today and already this is SO much clearer than any class I could have taken or $300 book I could have bought. It never occured to me that one day I’d get into coding or programming but now that I can learn with your videos, I am so stoked on this.

  2. Very efficient instruction progress in your presentation; thank you for posting! All the best, Bill

  3. Learned a little bit of html awhile ago from a  website and decided to finish up on it since I broke my arm! Your videos are so much better then the website I was learning off!

  4. hey jeffrey. First off, great series. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Maybe i’m jumping the gun and you’ll get to it in a later video, but do you have any more tips on short cuts? I keep using the arrow keys to navigate around sublime text and its taking me forever. I see you doing some really cool tricks that id love to learn. Anyways, thanks again!

  5. Dear teacher, Thanks for supporting and enlightening all my way.
    If only I could have your blessing for a lifetime,
    I would succeed the way I have done always.
    Best regards Muhammad ishaq .

  6. This is really easy for me and I am 12 years old, that says a lot, so its a thumbs up from me

  7. I loved this course. Please try to make a course similar to this pattern on PHP and JavaScript.

  8. how come the

    tags don’t end in

    there? when I inputted it into sublime it ended in automatically I believe.
    also, how come you used to end them? Just curious. Maybe I already forgot this reason from the previous video.

  9. When this video was published I was in 4th grade in school (Class 4). In 2020 now I’m studying in college and because of COVID-19’s lockdown I need to finish my HTML chapter from home. Aaaah! class was LOL, so I came here ?

  10. Appreciated your way to teach hats off. This 1 is bit confusing parent nd child. Rest I am looking forward to learn a lot from you. Definitely recommend to my friends

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