Day 25: CSS Frameworks (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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It's fairly typical for designers to use structures. They're a collection of designs that make it simpler to construct our designs. Among the most popular is called the 960 Grid System, and this is the structure that we'll explore today.

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Keep in mind: this was published in 2012. Much of the tools and practices have changed and enhanced considering that recording, however the core principles are still pertinent.

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Day 25: CSS Frameworks (30 Days to Learn & CSS)

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  1. I don’t see the text for “essence” just “-” and I don’t see the headings and text for “dimensions” and “purpose”. Not sure what I’m missing.

  2. I am practicing what is being taught in this video. My text in the columns are overlapping and I don’t understand why. Do I have to use Lorem ipsum text so that the text doesn’t overlap? What am I doing wrong?

  3. Thank you jeffrey for your nice tutorials 🙂 and for some reason “box-sizing” isn’t working in my Sublime Text 3.It seemed like that Sublime Text 3 didn’t support this atribute or something like that 🙁 .If somebody knows the solution please tell me.. 

  4. what m I doing wrong,??? 🙁 the stylesheet are all correct linked,after I go to view page source,hover over and the cursor changes, are underlined showing that are linked, although I can’t click on them to show me the description…please help!!

  5. Why cant you just apply padding to section. Why did you have to add a div and apply padding to div and not to section instead? Couldn’t follow up on this point.

  6. I have all of the css files copied to my style folder and I have my markup all correct but when I view the website the content is there and it is in default style though. What could I be doing wrong?

  7. I thought css was easy… until I came over this video… so confusing. but at the same time I think this is very useful.. need to research more on this.. anyways thank you so much for this video.

  8. responsive design is prob like this right? but instead of pixels for width they probably have percents. And prob something like min size, I don’t really know though. Thanks for this tuts

  9. hey jeff the box-sizing feature is not taking effect with me …… i tried using nested divs and it works… why the box-sizing feature is not working with me …. iam using ( sublime text 3 )

  10. I’m curious if I want to devote the time and memory cells to learn this. What mmight I want to use a grid for? I am basically learning all this to create my own website to sell the books I write. Would this be useful?

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