Day 21: Creating a Website Fragment (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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Today we're going to take a look at fragments. This will teach you the starting procedure of transforming designs to and CSS.

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Keep in mind: this was released in 2012. Much of the tools and practices have altered and enhanced given that recording, but the core principles are still pertinent.

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Day 21: Creating a Website Fragment (30 Days to & CSS)

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  1. You overlooked a’s inside .meta and left them underlined.

    .meta a, .post_info a{
        text-decoration:none; // Add this to both classes, not just .post_info

  2. Just so you know, you forgot to make the h2 background turn gray when you hover over it.

  3. Best lessons, best speech, best presentation i have seen ever. Great you are sir. Want to learn everything you have. Please remember me sir. Salute to you.

  4. For positioning the image to the left, i simply created two divs one for the image and other for the rest of the portions and then I set the display tag of image div to inline and it gave the same effect. Is it a un-professional way of doing.

  5. oh man you are amazing!!!!! you are actually much better than my teacher,and you are helping me a lot on learning HTML!!! Thanks a lot!!

  6. This is a great review and bring together what you’ve done so far… yeah I’m stating the obvious.

  7. you are the best teacher in the world. I love your tutorials they are very helpful to me and I can’t thank you enough for that.YOU DESERVE A LIKE AND A SUBSCRIBE.

  8. You shouldn’t have specified the hover behavior for every single anchor everywhere on the whole page. Other than that, great tutorial. By the way is it ok to use the -999px technique to hide the alt image name or is that just for logos?

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