Day 15: Floats, and a Simple Layout (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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Today I'm going to teach you about () floats. We can utilize drifts to develop the result of columns.

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Note: this course was published in 2012. Much of the tools and practices have changed and improved since recording, however the core concepts are still appropriate.

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Day 15: Floats, and a Simple Layout (30 Days to & CSS)

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  1. This was extraordinarily helpful! I did all my basics at Codecademy and I understand it all well, but then when it came to positioning things I couldn’t grasp it. It really helped seeing it happen along with the easy-to-understand explanations. A valuable resource I will be referring to again. Thank you!

  2. FANTASTIC VIDEO!! Unbelievably helpful. This is just the step by step breakdown I needed to understand positioning in CSS. Thank you!

  3. Great videos man, but I’d say you should slow down a bit for us super noobs. I’m trying to type and pause, and going back and it’s just all going a bit too quickly. Your’e very knowledgable on this stuff, and I understand it’s hard to think slower than your optimal performance, but just remember who your target market is 🙂

  4. Nice video..
    I have one div with box within that text content..there is hover property on border of when I hover on border text content shrink ing(small shift) to avoid shift of text….

  5. wow I never expected making a responsive website would be as simple as changing the px value to %. theme makers boast this feature like its gods gift

  6. I was looking for such a tutorial, which is not too basic. Because I am familier with HTML CSS, I can fix issues but don’t know what is best according to page layout especially when it comes to choosing right selectors and positioning of elements. My new job aspects were requiring me to diving more into this. So I started watching this series from Day 10 video. Thanks a ton +Evanto Tuts+. It is helping me a lot.

  7. It was extremely helpful. Even after all the W3schools and Codecademy courses I still couldn’t completely understand the “floats” like I do now.. not even MDN lessons could compare to this. Thanks man I really appreciate it.

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