Day 14: Assignment Solutions (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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Invite back. Today we're going to work through the services to the task set yesterday.

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Note: this was released in 2012. Many of the tools and practices have actually changed and improved considering that recording, however the core principles are still relevant.

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Day 14: Assignment Solutions (30 Days to & )

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  1. Thanks for posting these great tutorials. I’m just stunned that you have had so few views after all this time. If I can make it through the 30 days, and if I still have the interest, I’ll take the course for sure. Thanks again.

  2. as soon as you type text-align (4:59 min):  the list of options for the tag appears, what is the package should i install for the same ?  do they call this as intellisense or autocomplete?

    1. @Querido Espaço Sideral not really, may be i should browse through all the packages available. i dont know how to ask jeffrey way.

  3. idk but i did it in a different way idk if its right or wrong but at last it gives about the same one that u did , so how do i know if this is right or wrong ?

  4. I have a question?
    Why does “width: 600px;margin: auto” works fine in Chrome but not in IE

  5. Why I am not getting a line break between the boxes in my code? I have done exactly the same thing as Jeffrey. Anyone facing the same issue?

  6. Here’s mine. Sorry just a beginner. I kinda missed my point in using CSS for styling but I used table on the blockqoute part as an alternative. Didn’t know there was a border attribute in css. As for the body, I know, you don’t have to say it. But anyways, if you can review this and tell me which things I can improve, that will be awesome.

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  7. why we use

    tag within

    tag? Can we can use either of two?
    What is the main difference between both the tags?

  8. I didn’t understand that how the computer finds the meaning of these tags. Are there limited tags? Please help me in finding the way how all these things happen. How the web page understands it. Hope you will help me in sorting my problem.

    1. Select the text then press Tab button, the button is located next to the Capslock button on the left side.

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