Day 13: An Assignment (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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For today, you're not going to be gaining from me particularly– you're going to put a few of what you have actually learned to the test in your first assignment!

This is part of the totally Envato Tuts+ one month to Discover & :

Keep in mind: this was published in 2012. Many of the tools and practices have actually changed and improved because recording, however the core concepts are still appropriate.

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Day 13: An Assignment (30 Days to Learn & CSS)

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  1. this is awesome, I did it all but i wasn’t sure if the blockquotes needed (padding)
    to put the text in the center of top and bottom

    1. I can’t remember. But, what I did for the quotes was, I used Tables. I kinda look almost the same, except, I forgot how to make the border thin as a pencil line. Instead, I used cellpadding and set it to 0 and to separate them, I used line break haha.

      +Envato Tuts+ Will you be able to tell if this will work as well.

  2. Here’s mine. Sorry just a beginner. I kinda missed my point in using CSS for styling but I used table on the blockqoute part as an alternative. Didn’t know there was a border attribute in css. As for the body, I know, you don’t have to say it. But anyways, if you can review this and tell me which things I can improve, that will be awesome.

    My First Website

    My First Website

    Welcome to my website! Here are some things I enjoy.

    • Web Development
    • Chess
    • Reading
    • Learning

    Favorite Quotes

    Here is a favorite quote of mine…

    …and another

  3. Here is mine. I tried not to use css. This is exact copy of our task.

    my test

    My First Website

    Welcome to my website! Here are some things i enjoy.

    • Web Development
    • Chess
    • Reading
    • Learning

    Favorite Quotes

    Here is my favorite quote of mine…

    …and another

  4. Before 2 hour I didn’t know a single word of html.
    But Now,

    Thank You

    Now I completed the assignment without seeing the videos

  5. Rspected Sir I Have Created Every Thing Same Like Yours One But Without Border Because i Don’t Know About Border And You Also Can’t Teach us About That!

  6. Everything is same except i couldnt remember how to make those borders? Probably you did not show that to us or i forgot it :/ .

  7. I just did not know in this quize how can I make those lists in the center ;because I had a problem the text in the lists are in the center but the point are not ?

    1. LOL finally found someone who is watching this with me too. Btw you have to make a “margin-left: 300px” for the whole page, then the point will move to the middle.

  8. I did it and done, Sir. Now I have a question. Is it still good if we don’t put the div class?. Like this:

    Here is a favorite quotes of mine…

    …and another

    Instead like this one,

    Here is a favorite quotes of mine…

    …and another

    And, who is the best to choose? Using div or just class inside of p tags?

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