Day 12: IDs and Classes (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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In today's lesson, we're going to be having a look at IDs and . We can use these to designate labels to particular aspects so that we can then target them within our stylesheets.

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Note: this course was published in 2012. Much of the tools and practices have altered and improved since recording, however the core concepts are still appropriate.

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Day 12: IDs and (30 Days to & )

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  1. Hey i cant link my style.css to everything else this is the link i used
    link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”style.css”

    i also tried with the one you used and server others

  2. I am incredibly surprised that your html / css tutorial don’t have more views!  The quality of these videos is outstanding;  You are very clear with your language and you describe your actions clearly as well.  Also,  I appreciate how you dont take short cuts, but instead you teach the viewer the  best practice and point out what would be bad practice.  thanks a lot!

  3. Excellent course. Even better than codecademy. You, Sir, have a real talent for explaining this complex stuff!

  4. Excellent course. Even better than codecademy. You, Sir, have a real talent for explaining this complex stuff!

  5. Thank you very much , your videos are incredibly awesome ,  the best tutorials i’ve ever watched so far 
    but i’mfacing some problems with the first-of-type and using the ID with nth-child .
    let’s begin with the ul:first-of-type , despite using it , the CSS keeps coloring the third list of every UL .

    and when trying to use the id with the  “nth-child” , as in  #sect  li:nth-child(3) {}  , it does nothing but returing the list to it’s default color 

    Thanks again

  6. Thanks for these videos. They are very usful.
    I have been working at learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap for about 3 weeks and have made good progress (with sometimes very cryptic lessons).
    These tie it all together very well, and consolidate some things I have figured out, without fully understanding.
    I can’t believe how few views you have on these. They are by far the best I have looked at.

  7. Anyone else having difficulty with li: nth-child(3)? It’s not working on mine, though I have everything exactly as he does.

    1. At first, I experienced the same, but then solved it. The mistake you’ve made is putting an extra space after “li:”. Omit that space like this: li:nth-child(3){
      color: green;
      Notice there is no space after “li:”.
      It should solve the problem.

  8. none of these options worked…I don’t understand 🙁 why? …..the id=..appeared on the website and no color change either

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