Day 11: The Necessity of Divs (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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Divs are a way to place your content and allow you to design a variety of components simultaneously. You'll utilize them often as you in HTML and .

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Keep in mind: this was published in 2012. Many of the tools and practices have actually changed and improved since recording, however the core principles are still relevant.

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Day 11: The Necessity of Divs (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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  1. that was great ..
    thank you very much
    May I translate these videos about html and css to my language if you allowed that ?
    I’m waiting a response from you

  2. when i typed body{ background : red }, i expected that the whole body of the html colour would change, but it did not. 

    why this did not happen?
    also is there a list of possible selectors available?

  3. i learned everything up to this within 2hours an fully understand wow never knew programming would get that easy 0_0.i started learning with justbasic then learned all the basic’s of c++ now trying out html just to grasp the feeling of all languages java far i love c++ an html (html feel easy compare to c++) u deserve a thumbs up an a sub my friend 

  4. Having trouble with margin-left? Check your root folder. Sublime sometimes creates an additional style sheet for some undisclosed reason. So just move and replace the new sheet in the learning folder to your css folder.

    1. +Steven Royalty Also the browser being used is a major aspect, chrome will not work yet firefox applied changes instantaneously.

    2. I just discovered that on the index.html under
      the link to the style.css needs to read … this worked for me.
      Now unto the red background problem!

  5. Thanks sooooooo much! Your tutorials are easy to understand and are awsomely helpfull :D… Finaly understand why we have divs and classes other tutorials don’t really explain it that well o_O

  6. If your “margin-left: 50px” is not working, do not use Google Chrome. Firefox worked for me. 🙂 – Happy Coding

  7. I’m really enjoying this tutorial, but for some reason, I can’t get margin-left = 50px to change the margin. Is anybody else having this problem? I’m using sublime/chrome (2016)

  8. I don’t seem to be able to use my div in the css sheet with the margin-left. I already checked it’s in the correct folder (which it is) and if I had some mispelling but I don’t seem to find anything that is wrong. However if I change the property from div to p, h1, a it changes the margin, but as soon as I change it to div, it resets. I already tried it on Chrome and Firefox to no avail. Any explanation?

  9. I perfectly use the img tag,it show that some pic content add into the page like a small sqare,but the problem is it does not show the actual image.can someone give some advice?

  10. Was showing this to a student as a good source of videos to learn. Just to clarify though the h2 element doesn’t need its own div as it’s contained within the main div.

  11. I had the problem of the css file not linking correctly. so. To save yourself some time, just add the full path instead.

    hope it helped 🙂

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