Day 10: Images (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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We want to be able to display an image on our HTML page. In this , we'll find out the numerous methods to attain this.

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Keep in mind: this course was published in 2012. Many of the tools and practices have altered and enhanced because recording, however the core concepts are still relevant.

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Day 10: Images (30 Days to & )

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  1. Same here, I just see a little photo icon where the image should be. Is it because I’m not using a Mac?

  2. So are you allowed to take a image from online and use it on your website as long as you have cited the source somewhere on your site?

  3. I love your series more than any others on youtube. I like the fact that you let us know that there are old ways to code things but you also show us the new ways that are standard. I have been watching many others on youtube before I found you and they would show us the out of date ways and would even say, “you shouldn’t do this or that but for the sake of the video I will do it the wrong way anyway”, then they wouldn’t tell us how to add the new up to date coding. So I finally found my home here with you. Thanks.

  4. my image is not showing… it is save as a JPEG file just like in the video but it only shows the alt coments please help

    1. well depends on your search values, google shows you the related advertising! I’m sick of wix websites myself lol i see it 100 times everyday on youtube 😀

  5. hey! Good work. You are quite helpful. tutorials are going fine for me except one thing is that no link to internet work for me, neither the website links nor the photos link. please help. e.g Whenever I anchor and click it, it show that YOUR FILE IS NOT FOUND and the address bar shows the following address: file:///C:/Users/HP/Desktop/learning/
    while in case of images, it just shoes the alternative text for the img (local images works fine)

  6. my image destination is this ( “A:wallpapersMy PhotosFB_IMG_15262962904810050.jpg” ). so what should I give its source? Please help me.

    1. any text

      Remember : Check the directory folder of the picture. You can also just copy the directory path and input the image file.

  7. I have a problem, everytime i laod a picture from any source, it loads only a very small image that cannot be read or seen. Im pretty sure im doing everything right and yet still. When i inspect it it says that the image cannot be found, it is either missing or deleted. I have no clue what to do from this point

  8. I have a question! Say I am uploading my own images from a phone, how do you re-size it so that they fit on the screen?

  9. LuxFlies
    1 second ago
    it is 8 years later but my issue was because my folder name which is what you put before the image name and the “/” was incorrect as he just said to do “img'”

  10. Sir when I saved the img and viewed it on edge / chrome it appears a really big img not as yours one

    How to fix ??

  11. Sir when I saved the img and viewed it on edge / chrome it appears a really big img not as yours one

    How to fix ??

    1. Your image file is big, that’s why. The resolution of the image needs to be lower, just open the image in paint or in photoshop and make it smaller 🙂

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