Day 1: Your First Webpage (30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS)

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In this , you'll learn how to make a working websites that displays the words, "Hi world."

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Note: this course was published in 2012. A lot of the tools and practices have actually altered and enhanced considering that recording, however the core concepts are still pertinent.

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Day 1: Your First Webpage (30 Days to & CSS)

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  1. You need to manually type in .html after the file extension. i.e. If my document name says “untitled.txt” you need to change it to say “untitled.html” You can name your file anything before the “.html” Hope this helps

  2. I just finished Day 30 of this set of tutorials, and I had to come back here to let everyone know: If you want to learn HTML and CSS, this is a fantastic course.
    I started with next to no knowledge of HTML or CSS, and in less than 7 days I can honestly say I’m building websites from scratch, just like a pro.
    Thanks Tuts+, I’ll definitely be looking for more courses from you guys 🙂

  3. PuffVader, thanks for that comment. Thanks for taking the time and letting everyone know about your experience, you thought of others and encouraged them to go for it while endorsing the creator of the video. You sir are awesome

  4. The Best series of videos yet. I don’t know who the speaker is but he speaks perfectly, and quickly. He makes videos in less time than anybody else. Another web designer would cover in 15 minutes what this speaker accomplishes in 5 by keeping to the topic and at the same time, yet giving you more information. And such explanations! He makes everything clear. Nothing stays confusing for long under his vast talent as a teacher and speaker. Thanks.

  5. Watched most of the tutorials from day one. Amazing stuff here. The best tutorial for first-time web developers.

  6. Hello Sir, I accidentally saved and closed the Notepad after I typed in Hello World
    So my question – how can I edit it after I had saved it as .html ?

    As for now I will open a new notepad to follow the steps – I am on Windows 10 if it matters.

    Until you or someone can help or I can figure out – I will leave that and create a new notepad to start over again. Thank you so much for this content and for your help, we truly appreciate your teachings! 🙂

  7. Sir can you please answer me which one software you’re using for this practice .. this is free or not

  8. A helpful tip: Instead of saving it as a .txt file to make sure not everything is just being copied down, you should use Notepad++, also a lot more convenient when it comes to coding (that is, if you’re using windows).

  9. Hey dude, can we write like this because i have been learning html and in W3 schools it is given like this.Is there any problem?

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