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  1. Hi, This tutorial on creating Responsive SVG Image Maps is really inspirational.
    Do you have a video tutorial course or series on this in details?
    Thanks so much for sharing. 

  2. This guy…. is real good! (Y)

    Very well explained, no rushing or anything – but you didn’t really explain why you put the W3c link in there, I presume it works in the same way as a JavaScript Library link?

  3. Really good tutorial and it worked for me… not..
    When i call the svg-image directly, it all works fine. But when i parse it through a html-file on my apache webserver, all links have gone. Anybody with the same problem? Solutions?

  4. Hello friend! Thanks for this amazing video.
    Oh, and sorry for the bad english. So, Can you help me?

    I want to change the color of certain areas of the map in accordance with a value from the database. Would it be possible?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Very nice, I used Corel Draw and was able to embed a bitmap on layer one and just draw the vector graphics (SVG) over that layer. Still not sure how it will display the underlying bitmap but we’ll see.

    1. Hi mate, I’ve created a map and now I want to put this interactive map on my wordpress theme site – is there anyway to do that. how do I do that? Would appreciate your help. Thank you

  6. This is excellent! Simple and monkey friendly demonstration. Peoples with a little bit of experience on coding never publish something for those are less familiar with codes! However, I found this so simple and effective. Thanks to the creator of this video and would like to request for more video on the trick of adding zoon in and out button on a map. Struggling for a while and didn’t find a solution yet.

  7. Fantastic tutorial, even after all this time. The only change I needed to make was to give the xlink titles an xlink:title instead of just title, so I’m guessing things have moved on in the last five years! I spotted the fact you forgot to add the clip-paths and was waiting for you to notice which you sure enough did. Thanks for the video!

  8. Thanks for this wonderful informative video. Can we add in a pop up box when hovered over? Thanks

  9. Today in 2021 this video is of great value and the clarity with which you explain it, thank you very much.

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