Build a WordPress LMS Website With the Masterstudy Theme

Find out how to produce your own educational website () using a WordPress theme called "", which you can download here:

An educational site contains numerous resources that improve knowing and supplement class mentor. is one such instructional website, as it releases tutorials and courses on creative subjects. YouTube can also be thought about to be an academic platform, though not all its material is specifically for academic functions.

To develop your own academic site, you have 3 main choices:

1. Use WordPress and an style: this is quick, budget-friendly, and does not require much technical understanding.
2. Use a dedicated LMS (Knowing Management System): this is a really capable alternative (Moodle is an example of a devoted LMS), however possibly more pricey and provides less stylistic freedom as there are less styles to choose from.
3. Outsource to a developer: this might get you exactly what you want, but can be exceptionally expensive and time consuming!

Option 1 is the quickest and simplest alternative. So in this video you'll see how to utilize a WordPress style called to produce your instructional website.

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lms wordpress style.

Build a WordPress LMS Website With the Masterstudy Theme

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  1. Very well explained Adi – clear, well organized, and fluid. Thank you!
    The theme sure looks comprehensive. I’ll take a deeper look for myself soon.??

  2. Произношение английского от русского человека слышно за версту) (Не в обиду) Думал о покупке этого шаблона, но посмотрев видео-передумал! Со стороны разработчика все просто и понятно но…
    Со стороны обычного юзера это ТЕМНЫЙ ЛЕС С КУЧЕЙ СУЧКОВ И ЗАДОРИНОК) Ни один юзер не будет тратить ДЕНЬ своей жизни чтоб разобраться что и куда вставлять, а делать видеотуториалы для юзеров на 20 языках можно просто задолбаться! Сделано красиво и классно но ЧЕРЕЗЧУР ЗАМУДРЕНО!

  3. Man you saved me a lot of time. Even the Masterstudy Theme sellers could not explain the way you did. Thank you very much.

  4. Envanto Tuts+ great video! Do you know if this theme comes with the pro included or will I still need to pay for it? In addition, is there a way for instructions to accept their own payments or an easy way for me to automated paying the instructor for their courses? Like a Instructors’ payments option? Thank you for all your help!

  5. Hi thanks for this great video, I have one question, if I use WooCommerce and Paypal checkout all is well but when user pay using Paypal an account is created in WooCommerce but users once they pay, they don’t have a password or any idea how to long in and follow the course they purchased. I can do a re-direct to account page in Paypal after checkout but once they arrive they don’t have a password and don’t know what user name to use to login? Can you explain that part please or can I just use the Theme and plugin and bypass Woocommerce ?

  6. Hi Sir, We have bought a theme of Master Study for conducting class 10, 9, 8,7,6. Can we make change in the structure of course theme. Our Course Name is Class 10, under that we have 4 modules like Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English and under these modules there are 10 to 15 Lessons and under these lessons there are several video pages and mcq type questions can we customize to this format. Thank you and waiting for your valuable reply.

  7. But you can not use frontend page builder for edit or change any existing courses((

  8. Where can I edit content and structure directly from the masterdemo page ? Can not find it from your video tutorial. I want to use this cooking demo structure. Thanks you so much.

  9. Thank you very much is was a great help!
    Can i create am option for my users to view the courses offline on desktop? Like when the open my website without internet it will directly go to the page with offline contents like it goes on YouTube

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